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Welcome to Spirulina.Company!

Spirulina.Company is an online information portal for spirulina. Spirulina is a cyanobacterium and it is a human and animal food or nutritional supplement. Our mission is to explore the benefits of spirulina, and to provide information and resources that will most benefit you.

We have a strong team of brilliant and passionate scientific researchers with an extensive research experience in algae cultivation, technologies, biofuels and algae nutraceutical products.

Spirulina.Company is run by Oilgae (, a world-renowned expert in algae biofuels. Oilgae division is considered an authority globally in its understanding of the third generation algae-based biofuel industry, and its research and publications have been utilised by over 300 prominent global companies and organisations, and top research universities – please visit for more details

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Spirulina Introduction

    Spirulina is a human and animal food or nutritional supplement made primarily from two species of cyanobacteria: Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima.

Spirulina Production

"Spirulina ( Arthospira sp) used for the production of single" cell protein. The commercial producers of Spirulina are located in the United States, Thailand, India, Taiwan, China, Pakistan, Burma and Chile.

Spirulina Composition

    Spirulina contains about 60% (51-71%) protein of its dry weight. The protein content varies by 10-15% according to the time of harvesting in relation to daylight.

Cultivation and Growth Requirements

"The optimum temperature for growth is 35oC, but above 38oC spirulina is in danger. Growth only takes place in light (photosynthesis), but illumination 24 hours a day is not recommended.

Spirulina Application

"Spirulina spp. and its processing products are employed in agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutics, perfumery and medicine. Spirulina has several pharmacological activities such as antimicrobial (including antiviral and antibacterial), anticancer, metalloprotective (prevention of heavy-metal poisoning against Cd, Pb, Fe, Hg).

Spirulina – Facts & Factoids

"Spirulina is not considered to be a reliable source of Vitamin B12. The standard B12 assay, using Lactobacillus leichmannii, shows spirulina to be a minimal source of bioavailable vitamin B12.

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